Why You Should Choose Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours

Locals know best

We’re committed to providing you with personalised, fully hosted 4WD tours, whilst preserving the unique nature and experience of Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island wilderness Tours cares deeply for our home and are passionate about showing newcomers why we love this natural paradise so much.

Learning about a place from a fervent local means access to locations, knowledge and information that others simply can’t give you. Everyone from our reservations team to our guides have insight into the nature and wildlife of the island but also the people, their history and culture. Their knowledge is not something that can be learnt from a book – it has been gained by experience, in some cases, 5 generations of experience.

We can also arrange French, German, and Italian speaking guides to make the most of your tour. All language guided tours are in addition to the local guide.

You will find our tours relaxed, flexible and unique; at the end of the day, you will feel like you have been on tour with a friend.

Animals on Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo On Kangaroo Island

Intimate and comfortable luxury

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours operates only luxury 4WD vehicles with a guaranteed maximum of 6 passengers. This allows us to provide highly personalised tours that go on and off the beaten track. Our award-winning vehicles have superior levels of space and comfort, plus all seats are forward-facing, so no one has to feel unwell travelling backwards.

Chris Hemsworth touring Kangaroo Island.

Personalised and bespoke tours

Due to our small group sizes, terrain adapting vehicles and local knowledge, all tours have a level of flexibility in both the destinations you visit and the time enjoyed at each attraction. With our designed tour packages you will see all of the major icons, experience the wonder of the local wildlife and taste the magic of Kangaroo Island produce with local food and wine.

If you are looking for something a little more exclusive and flexible we also offer private tours that can cater to your own special insterests. You will have sole use of the vehicle and along with your local driver, we will help you tailor-make your itinerary.

Protecting our environment with renewable energy and technology

We choose to work with Land Rover as our luxury vehicle provider on the island. This is for many reasons, but as a company who prides themselves on showcasing such a pristine natural environment, we feel strongly about protecting it.

Land Rover is the only 4WD manufacturer to have comprehensive CO2 emissions offset scheme. The scheme is managed by Climate Care and includes project such as hydropower in Tajikistan and wind power in China. Climate Care undertakes projects in non-Kyoto aligned countries, concentrating on three key areas.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours also has a policy of changing their fleet of Land Rover Discoveries every two years. By doing so we have the most fuel-efficient and the best emission controls that are available on the market. This means our vehicles have the most up to date safety innovations too.

Years of experience

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours have been providing intimate luxury tours for over 25 years. Established in 1992, we are recognised worldwide for our premium service and exemplary experiences.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours is owned and operated by Paul and Mandy Brown, who have lived and worked on Kangaroo Island for over 35 years.

The whole package

Travel and logistics can be stressful, especially in a very localised part of the world. At Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours we like to alleviate the difficulty for you. We go beyond just personalised touring and can arrange your whole travel experience for you; this includes flights, transfers and accommodation. Our accommodation packages even go as far as in-house chefs and hosts. No matter your requirements, we can design a package that suits.

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